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Pestiferous Questions: A Life in Poems

Politically astute, disparaged as a woman who didn’t know her place, faithful to a difficult marriage, privileged, sometimes questioning privilege, a product her times, and forward thinking, both the public and the private Jessie Benton Frémont (1824-1902) emerges in these poems.

Though I Haven't Been to Baghdad

The opening poem starts, “The war begins the night the mother flies to Amsterdam. / The war begins 150 years after Vincent Van Gogh’s birth.” The reader knows, confidently, that she is in the hands of someone who will reach towards and away from war, to draw new comparisons and offer meaning.

"This book empowers us with knowledge while supporting the humanity of soldiers and their families…. Rozga gives us poetry and news together in this beautiful, meaningful book."

200 Nights and One Day

Detailing the efforts of the NAACP's Youth Council, Vel Phillips (the first African American and first woman elected to Milwaukee's Common Council), and Fr. James Groppi (advisor to the Youth Council), the book opens with a chronology that maps, but doesn't restrict, the poetry, which is both personal and communal.